Listen: Fenne Lily shares ‘Alapathy’ and announces album ‘BREACH’

It’s easy to forget that there’s a world outside, of the familial existence behind your very own front door.

When faded postcards seek to act as a pivotal reminder of reality, and day-dreamily rolling your hands along a brick-bare wall of refined boundaries, casts shadows of our past and future selves against the blank canvas backdrop of time-  all it takes is but a gentle nudge from one restless spirit for all to come caving in. That’s where the beauty lies.  

In recent months there have been many attempts at reconnecting with past freedoms but to date, none have done so with as much precise purity as Bristol’s Fenne Lily. Balancing timeless tender, like passing hours counting rings on a tree branch only to realise you’ve been tracing full circle all along, and the veteran years of which you’ve noted are but a small stamp in a larger tale of life, her latest single ‘Alapathy’, is a fridge worthy portrait of spirit, living and keepin’ on.

Where Julia Jacklin taught us not to let the kids win, Fenne Lily is here to capture those bitter sweet moments in which youthful observation stuns. ‘Alapathy’ alternatively catches heartstrings until there’s nothing left to pull; gently tugging at internal seams until the hearts fully exposed from the inside looking out, pulsing, amongst a heap of dazzled fastenings and loose threads of nostalgia.

Not everything in life needs fixing and time doesn’t always patch things up but with the observational aid of Fenne Lily, rest assured healing will come. When an acoustic tangent transforms into tangible intimacy to which warmth prevails, like a magnetic love child of Monet’s Waterlilies and the subliminal cinematography of Człowiek Kamera, you know you’re onto something special.  

Sensitive, finely upbeat and knowledgeable tenderness in all the right places, take this as a kiss to songwriting and keep it under lock and key close to your being. 

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