Listen: First Hull’s Lumer return with single ‘BURN/BLEED’

The latest offering from Hull’s Lumer arrives in two parts; a spectral, harrowing anarcho-noise manifesto for an alternative future entitled BURN/BLEED. Boasting a vocal that seemingly represents some swamp-dwelling juggernaut summoned from the fog to tackle “power, corruption and lies”, its urgency is only amplified further by the fact that it arrives the day after polling day.
Occupying the most blistering, furious end of the sonic spectrum discovered by their fellow countrymen Bauhaus and Killing Joke, Lumer’s instrumentalists provides the glut of BURN/BLEED’s grit. Drums, bass and guitar are cacophonous and relentless, not even close to yielding even after these six minutes are complete. Recalling the equally pissed off Bad Breeding and Exploded View circa Disco GloveBURN/BLEED is a stark reminder that a better tomorrow means an angrier today.



Catch Lumer Live at the dates below
18/06/18 Manchester – Soup Kitchen
19/06/18 Glasgow – Broadcast
20/06/18 Nottingham – Toll Bar
21/06/18 Bristol – Hy Brasil
22/06/18 London – Shacklewell Arms
23/06/18 Brighton – The Pipeline
17/07/18 Hull – Polar Bear
29/06/18 Le Havre – McDaids
30/06/18 Nantes – Au Chein Stupide
02/07/18 Paris – L’Olympic Café