Listen: First Milk Disco release debut track ‘Welcome to the Milk Disco’

Things around the UK are getting a bit intense aren’t they? Would be good to just get away wouldn’t it? Well here we go then, five minutes to dance away from your troubles and election based headlines. Milk Disco are filling up underground spaces in South London and giving the youth something to get lost in. The rock with dance music path was paved by acts such as Tom Vek and Late of the Pier, and today ‘Welcome to the Milk Disco’ provides a 2017 equivalent, yet original and relevant in its own right. Musically it’s well thought, and its sole intention is to get you moving. Whilst vocally it wanders between subtle and shy, to in your face, attention seeking and rather brilliant. Part Ian Dury, part Robert Smith in a rage. The single is released with Ra Ra Rok Records, the Camden label who are specialising in unearthing the less ‘obvious’ acts from the band rich earth that is South London. Have a first listen below.

Milk Disco launch their debut single at the Royal Sovereign on 12th May with Goat Girl. More details here.