Listen: First Pleasure Heads share new single ‘Middle Man’

Over the past 12 months we’ve seen a flurry of excellent Scottish bands stand up and be noticed and Glasgow label Public has been the centre to it’s success. The label, ran by some of Scotland’s finest (including Johnny Madden of Baby Strange), has seen an array of excellent bands come through and Pleasure Heads are no different. The band named after The Birthday Party track ‘(Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn’ are a band dripping in post-punk influences while simultaneously allowing their indie rock undertones to throw their music into the present day.

The Falkirk four-piece’s brand new single ‘Middle Man’ is a look into simpler times, when the only things to worry about are friends, fake ID and getting pissed in the park. The tracks chorus is custom built to be sung on a glorious afternoon basking in the summer sun, the rhythm section sounds like it could be extracted from a Stranglers album while the husky vocals add a deeper dimension to the track. The bands second single provides us an idea on the bands direction which is soaked in sharp, intricate guitar lines and bass riffs that throw you back to 80’s punk bands.

Speaking of the track, vocalist Euan Purves explains “Middle Man is a snapshot of simpler times, getting together with friends, nervously waiting around shady corner shops, hoping the fake ID works and the carry out is claimed. Sat around makeshift campfires, drinking ourselves to merry abandon until the sun comes up.”

Header Photo by Daniel Blake