Listen: First Sulky Boy stream ‘Drunk Dial’ ahead of their new EP release with Echochamp.

When it comes to new music, it’s impossible to underline just how important trusted sources are. Echochamp are exactly that. The Brighton label is run under one roof, featuring members of The Magic Gang, Manuka Honeys, Abattoir Blues and Sulky Boy. A Brighton slacker pop dream. It’s an exciting time for the label as they prepare for a string of new releases, the first of which is ‘Drunk Dial’ courtesy of Sulky Boy from the EP ‘Sulky Boys Play Songs of Love’. Sulky Boy have gained a reputation for hopeless romanticism and a yearning for the L word. ‘Drunk Dial’ matches that very theme. Describing the battle between happy to hear from you and crying for you to be there. The Brighton group prove that even the most charming of folk can find the time to feel sorry themselves. The track is wrapped up perfectly in its final lines “can you tell how much I hate this when we talk on the phone…pick up the phone”. We don’t know if neediness is ever attractive but it makes for a great song.

This release forms part of a line of four or five Echochamp have coming up, including a Manuka Honeys EP and a new project with members of Birdskulls/Abattoir Blues.