Listen: First Check Out Our Yassassin Photo Diary And Their New Single ‘Citizen’

Powered by vicious chords and buoyed by a fervent sing-along chorus, the new single from London 5-piece Yassassin is a defiant call-to-arms, reaffirming their existence and predicting ‘the children gonna wake up’. The quintet navigate today’s charged climate with barbed riffs and keenly cast observations, like the younger sisters of Elastica’s Justine Frischmann. Following the release of their Vitamin Y EP, ‘Citizen’ stretches the group’s sound at both ends, pushing into a merciless racket whilst still connecting with pop roots. But, what’s it all about?

“I guess it’s about realising that as messed up as our world is, there are still so many people who care and get themselves involved in fighting injustices. It really gives you hope. It’s important for young people to speak up, demonstrate, to get involved politically if that’s your thing, to write songs, make art.”

Premiering today, the fiery track arrives with a photographic tour diary, matching the chaos of ‘Citizen’ with visual evidence of the group’s appetite for revolution. As panting drums race towards the track’s explosive ending, their message is clear: join the children and wake up. Yassassin are ones to watch.

Photographer, April Arabella followed the band on tour recently with camera in hand. If youre not sure what to expect from Yassassin, explore below.

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 Yassassin Live

Fri 18 May – The Great Escape, Brighton (The Walrus)

Sat 2 June – Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham

Thur 14 June – The Lexington, London

Sat 23 June – Future Sounds @ The White Hotel, Manchester

Sat 21 July – Tramlines Fringe @ The Forum, Sheffield

Sat 2 Sept – Manchester Psych Festival, Manchester

Sun 9 Sept – The Lanes, Bristol

Sat 22 Sept – Reb’Elle Festival, Leeds

Sun 23 Sept – Westgarth Social Club, Middlesborough

Mon 24 Sept – Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh

Tues 25 Sept – Fulford Arms, York

Thurs 27 Sept – Bedford Esquires, Bedford

Sat 29 Sept – The Forum Basement @ Sussex Arms, Tunbridge Wells

Sun 30 Sept – Heartbreakers, Southampton

Header Photo by Tess Parks. Photo diary by April Arabella.