Listen: Folly Group Share New Single ‘Sand Fight’ and Announce Debut EP

London based collective Folly Group share new single ‘Sand Fight’ ahead of their debut EP ‘Awake And Hungry’- due for physical release June 11th via So Young Records.

Following on from the experimental allure of their label-debut ‘Four Wheel Drive’, it’s to no disillusion that Folly Group are at their core, exploratively-textural roamers. Transmitting journeyed sentiment like a vintage postcard from Mars, the quartet disperse tinkered discovery with a red-hot approach to rhythmically-bounded surrealism and ‘Sand Fight’ is a dune-y cavern of modular-matter. 

A rigorous accolade to the groups formative songwriting experiences, you don’t necessarily have to start a band to ruminate creativity full-circle but in the case of ‘Sand Fight’… the infinitely rotatory mindset surely helps. 

Sprawling liberally to the point where its listener may want to let down their hair and oscillate in tides of inhibition-less-drive, ‘Sand Fight’, in all its “ode to childhood and being carefree”, is awash in tessellated splendour like a new-wave looking-glass; exuding the kind of sheeny grit that clings to every crevice of unexpected feel-good and demonstrates self-constructed-beauty to the eye of its beholder.

Whether “talking about forgiveness” or fighting fragmented particles in a frenzy, Folly Group remain a force of unanimous ambition and it’s in the narrative symbolism of percussive ramble that these great minds think alike. 

Folly Group release their debut EP ‘Awake and Hungry’ on 11/06/21. Pre order your copy here.

Photo by Josh Taylor-Moon

We chat to Folly Group in new issue of So Young. You can order your copy here or read the digital edition below.