Watch: Folly Group share video for ‘Butt No Rifle’

London based Folly Group release video accompaniment to their latest singled offering ‘Butt No Rifle’. Sample sauntering as a virtual reality orgasm for today’s convention corrupted cowboy, this is a work of collective inter-fraction that’s really not just a phase. 

Picture the worldly break-down that would occur if the Teletubbies sun babe grew up, got suited and well booted, took to roaming “freely across the plains” and then moved in upstairs to start a band… that’s sorta’ the general flight happening here. 

With no true ringleader, Folly Group operate as a banded whole playing motley mavericks to surrealist depictions of city centre barren, alongside drummer / vocalist Sean Harper’s struggles “to reconcile fond memories with the far starker reality young adults (here) are presented with.” 

A chugged introduction that will serve as reference and counter-act for future folly adventures, If you’ve never ventured into the game that is a subconscious rodeo then assuredly, this is a place to start. 

On the video, Sean adds “Your time is ours to waste. Where does it go to? Be a flock of doves, submit to love. Admiration for our friends and collaborators: Director/Producer – William May, DP/Editor – Oscar Carrier, Costume Designer – Poppy Lees, AC –  Mahli Piti.”

Folly Group play We Are So Young 9 at The Social on 24/03/20. Tickets here.