Watch: Fontaines D.C. return with ‘A Hero’s Death’

It’s pretty difficult to pin down at just what moment everything clicked and made Fontaines D.C. quite clearly the household name they are today. What’s not incomprehensible is the why.

‘Dogrel’ was the poetically-absorbing embodiment of the modern day – five lads from Dublin detailing the stories of those that led their lives unknowingly around them, and in doing so captured the very picture of the present.

Here they now return, ‘A Hero’s Death’ the beginning of a new chapter – with the group in familiarly compulsive form.

Grian Chatten veers from gentle assurance to determined counsel – laconic and direct as his voice rushes and bites amongst the jarring swathes of guitar that begins to tear at the mere semblance of balance. Whether Chatten is merely offering a perspective, one too often overlooked yet sleeps in the pavement cracks that we walk upon, or if he’s iconoclastically¬†chastising the self-virtuous approach of the modern day approach to mindfulness, the grounded nature of Chatten’s approach ensures appreciative silence in a room drenched in noise.

Yet it’s Fontaines’ raw, uncomplicated approach to rhythm overall that is inescapable. Bracing, ragged and riveting in it’s capability to blossom at the most opportune moment, everything cascades without you even realising that you’re in the boat going down the endless, captivating fall with it.

This is Fontaines D.C. in perhaps more subtle form – yet still eyes-wide, demanding your attention.

Fontaines D.C. release their new album on 31/07/20 and you can pre order it here.

The new issue of So Young is out now. It’s SOLD OUT in print but you can read the digital edition below.