Listen: For Breakfast Share New Single ‘Heavy Horse Museum’

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and For Breakfast have voracious appetites. Of the hearty casserole of post-rock bands already making hay in 2022, For Breakfast are the amongst the most fiendish, and fiercely eclectic of them all.

Where their 2020 EP ‘Songs in The Key Of O’ mix-and-matched Avant-pop,  folk-dances and thrashing face-melts in the prettiest of combinations,  the latest sniff of new material – Heavy Horse Museum – coming ahead of a full EP in May – tones down the production slickness, and cranks up the mystique.

Recorded in “a decommissioned Cold War air base in Suffolk” – and sounding like it – the ascents and tumbles of ‘Heavy Horse Museum’ were nourished on static and gibbets of live wire. Grandiose post-rock sanctity soon cascades in the groove of messrs Muck Spreader. CUT! A dramatic shift of scene. The cacophony evaporates. A fetid noir slinks in. Vocalist Maya Harrison intimates chaos-verses to the tensest, most mysterious and seductive rhythm. CUT! The cascades majestically return CUT! The carnival rolls back into town. It’s a grotesque sonata packed with wild departures and thunderous recapitulations destined, to arrest your blinkered attention-spans.

Photo by Simon Thompson

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