Listen: Fresh Faced Humour Share Latest Single ‘alive and well’ and Announce Debut EP

Fresh-faced Humour release their latest single ‘alive and well’ and announce their debut EP.

Showcasing their knack for crafting spooky post-punk, the track is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Pure Misery’, which is due to be released on the 25th of November.

The opening verse of  ‘alive and well’ sounds as if the band got Iain Sterling pissed, told him he’d lost his job, and recorded his reaction. It’s a lyrical perspective which has frontman Andres Christodoulidis pushing phrases of abandon over the barlines; flexing the metre with disregard for the rhythm section’s confident brittleness. When the chorus shatters and Humour begin to step in line, they illuminate – in street lamp orange – their capacity to sound simultaneously untidy, and unyielding.

The Glaswegian group say that ‘alive and well’ aims to “sound like somebody feeling sorry for themselves” […] with underlying tones of wanting to “get away from a place and feeling, but sensing that you won’t ever manage to.”

We’ll never know what Humour are trying to get away from, but with songs like this, they’ve got nothing to feel sorry about.

‘pure misery’ is out on 25.11.22 via So Young Records. Pre order the EP on 12″ Fuchsia vinyl here.

Photo by Rosie SCO

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