Watch: Fruit Tones share ’21st Century Boy’ live from Rainn Byrns’ Living Room Studio

If like us you are into your second week of self isolation and the four walls of your living room are starting to feel a little less inanimate and a bit of a concern, you may take comfort and inspiration from one Rainn Byrns.

The lovable crooner has transformed his living room into his very own makeshift studio – and opened it up to friends far and wide to record intimate, loose and raw sessions. It feels particularly invigorating that the first sesh to stem from it is from Manchester Trio Fruit Tones – who performed their jiving boogie hit ’21st Century Boy’

Drenched in murky distortion and sounding like it’s been slammed through an eight-track – the lads don’t the isolation blues get them down, providing a harmonious and darn right infectious jam that’s show how scintillatingly vibrant they can sound live while honing in on their melodic traits.

The session itself feels equally scrappy and surprisingly all the more cosy for it. The band huddle in all together, sharing one mic as they rip into a meaty solo, as Rainn directs a home video cut straight from a ’90s cassette video recorder onto VHS, full of fuzz and warmth.

A pleasing session we’d love to see more of.