Listen: Gag Salon Release New Single ‘Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Pavement’

Sonically playful and synth-driven, ‘Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Pavement’ is Gag Salon’s lively track that arrives today via Blitzcat Records, and is the final peek into their debut EP before its release on June 16th.

This track can be divided into three distinct parts: its energised base, its mellow interludes, and its climactic close; these are stitched together into one catchy earworm. Lyrically, the track is explained by the band’s vocalist, Joseph Mumford, to be a reflective and “sad song about nostalgia and living vicariously”. Written in the height of lockdown, it features anxiety-inducing lines such as “I grind my teeth into a fine paste” and “Who’s on the tarmac, licking it black?”. It bounces around the stresses of getting older and moving away from old circumstances and friends.

This dynamic single comes together as something that is coherent as well as chaotic. Alongside sporadic fits of twisted grit, ‘Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Pavement’ delivers Gag Salon’s kooky energy under a shroud of catchy riffs, heavy impact, and manic vocals.

Photo by Nicholas Sayers

Issue Thirty-Seven is out now Ft. Porridge Radio, Crows, Folly Group, The Dinner Party, Automatic, Gently Tender, headboy and more. Buy in print here. Read the digital edition below.