Watch: London’s Gaygirl release video for ‘Hair’

Last month, South London’s Gaygirl released their new alt-grungy noise-pop single “Hair” via Permanent Creeps Records. Today, the band are back with a DIY/independent film stylistic music video to accompany the track. 

Gaygirl have created a short/independent stylistic music video for their recent single release “Hair.” The video features members of the band interacting in their everyday life, while other versions of themselves are being hunted and attacked. This behaviour could be seen as a metaphor for forcing oneself to compile to the ideals of self-love; a key theme within the song. 

Rather than embracing the norms of what self-love is meant to mean and be perceived as, Morrison lyrically explores the world where one could be struggling to understand the concept behind what self-love is intended to represent and mean. Not all love is true love and Gaygirl peer into the tragedy that some may face when searching for validation. 

“‘Hair’ touches on themes of pleasing people as a means of self-validation, isolation, and feelings of helplessness,” vocalist Bex Morrison explains. “The term ‘self-love’ is kind of flipped around in the track, exploring it as the destructive idea of trying to be someone who is accepted (or taken advantage of) in an attempt to feel better about yourself.” 

Gaygirl aren’t afraid to admit that positive movements can also have an under layer of complex emotions that not all will find true comfort in. They remind us not to take everything at face value and to search for validation within ourselves rather than others expectations. 

Header photo by Lindsay Melbourne