Listen: Gently Tender Share ‘True Colours (Sometime I’ll Get Through)’ from Upcoming Debut Album ‘Take Hold of Your Promise!’

Indulging in the freeing and pensive, Gently Tender have released their newest single, ‘True Colours (Sometime I’ll Get Through)’ from their upcoming debut album, ‘Take Hold Of Your Promise!’.

In the wake of headlining We Are So Young 16 at The Grace and the announcement of their debut album, ‘Take Hold Of Your Promise!’, Gently Tender have leaned further into their flurry of releases with their latest track. Their recent wave of singles has provided a window into this 5-year matured project for which the group paired up with producer, Matthew E. White, crafting something innately cathartic.

Arriving in the same grandeur as previous singles, ‘True Colours (Sometime I’ll Get Through)’ is a sonic giant that hinges on its diving, minimalistic bassline. The signature fullness of Gently Tender’s sound doesn’t falter as they again achieve this larger-than-life, enveloping quality. Vocally, this track occasionally jumps into a two-piece harmony between Sam Fryer and Celia Archer that provides moments of progression without diversion. Despite this two-piece harmony, the layers of wistful synth and horn give the single an almost choral quality.

There is something so naturally therapeutic about Gently Tender that is reflected in this latest single. The band’s vocalist Sam Fryer summarises the track as being one of self-reflection, one that realises that “Acceptance / invitation and patience is the key”. Characteristic of Gently Tender, the track mulls in its introspection and musically translates an effort to understand oneself.

‘Take Hold of Your Promise!’ is out August 26th via So Young Records. Pre Order your copy here.

Photo by Holly Whitaker

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