Listen: Glasgow’s Humour Return With New Single ‘The Halfwit’

“I turned into a Halfwit”, is sort of the musical enterprise of Jon Krakauer’s ‘Into The Wild’, yet this time it’s not a dreaded A-Level English compulsory read, but the electrifying start to 2023 for Glasgow’s Humour.

Arriving at the mid-point of the year, we finally hear the unhinged chants from Glasgow’s new favourite punk band, as they share an ode to escaping reality and living a recklessly free life. ‘The Halfwit’ explores what time would be like if that angsty childhood desire of running away from home at any slight inconvenience became true, and whether that would trigger peace or loneliness.

With Andreas’ taunting vocals paired with the anxious ring of propulsive guitars, the track welcomes a faster melody which differs from last year’s ‘Pure Misery’ EP. “A montage of miserable things” is replaced by an exciting new pace and frustrated energy to create this angrier, bitter sound, produced by Rod Jones at Post Electric Studios.

Talking about the track, Andreas shares, “This song was one that came together fairly easily. I decided to write a song about a guy who takes himself off to some far-away place and gradually transforms into something less than human, somewhere between a person and an animal, with little sense of who he is remaining. I wanted to describe his new life as being quite sad and lonely, but also kind of peaceful and carefree.”

Photo by Craig R Mcintosh

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