Listen: Glasgow’s Vlure Share ‘Heartbeat’ and Announce Debut EP

It’s difficult to put into words the sheer magnitude of VLURE’s sound. Release after release, this earth-shattering 5-piece set fire to the darkened corners of Glasgow’s underground, creating a cinematic wall of sound that plants Kassovitz’ La Haine in the hallowed halls of Sub Club. Similar to the band’s previous releases, ‘Heartbeat’ should be taken as an experience  rather than just a song. 

‘I’m going to dance ‘til my body’s numb’ – ripped from the heart of lead singer Hamish Hutcheson and worn proudly on his chest, VLURE’s music bears a clear connection to electronic subcultures, yet goes a step further in its raw display of emotion. The lyrics are simultaneously personal and confrontational, latching onto our inhibitions, pulling them out and demanding full bodily surrender.

Just as booming techno drones envelop ravers in night, ‘Heartbeat’s piercing guitar and throbbing drums and bass allows the complete loss of one’s self in the shadows. There is no option to listen with just one ear open – Hutcheson’s stormy vocals echo through these tunnels, telling a tale replete with dramatic builds, sustained tensions, and finally, release. It goes something a little bit like this: 

“It starts on the tips of your fingers and soles of your feet. A faint pulsing energy as the anticipation builds, its warm and the dense air adds to the atmosphere. Condensation blurs and streaks the light, you only catch snippets of movements when silhouettes briefly light up to show you the full figure. You do not want the night to end. Take it all in. This is opulence, this is escapism.”

Anthemic, epic and revolutionary come to mind when trying to describe VLURE, but all words seem to fall short of really capturing an essence that fuses darkness with hope, emptiness with overpower and elusiveness with their alias, the ‘sexy leather jacket shagger crew.’ Such opulence can be seen in the flesh when the band embark on their UK tour and irreparably blow open the doors of every venue they encounter.   

VLURE’s ‘Euphoria’ EP  is out Jan 14th via So Young Records. Pre order on 12″ Frosted White Vinyl here.

Issue Thirty-Three of So Young is out now featuring Amyl and The Sniffers, Orlando Weeks, Lazarus Kane, Modern Woman and more. Order your copy here, or read the digital edition below.