Listen: Gloop Unit Return with New Single ‘Robotic Man’

Gloop Unit share new single ‘Robotic Man’ from deep within the cosmos.

Following up their debut single ‘Imitation’, which was credited by many as possessing some of Old Greg’s famous funk juice, Gloop Unit return with their latest offering ‘Robotic Man’. Whilst this track certainly retains a strong funky essence, it seems that the Unit have added many more ingredients to their potion. There is a clear nod to Kraftwerk, a wink to Devo, and a subtle shuffle towards Primus. If that’s not already sucking you into the black hole out of which Gloop Unit emerged, what kind of new music intergalactic explorer are you?

Reflecting on ‘Robotic Man’, the band suggest that the tune’s “hard love-groove arrives as the band plant their slimy-flag on a planet which is about to see a few changes here and there.” For a premise strikingly similar to the plot of Walk Disney’s ‘Wall-e’, this track differs (thankfully) in its rejection of a pressure in contemporary music to project some kind of social or political value/agenda onto a song. Whilst a Sleaford Mods tune exists to fuel some kind of frustration with ‘the man’, a Gloop Unit song is just a properly banging groove to get your feet tapping. People, beware of that person giving you an ick on the train due to ferocious head bobbing, they are probably listening to Gloop Unit…

Photo by Smiltė Fadėjevaitė

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