Listen: Glows shares new track ‘Easy’ via Slow Dance Recordings

Glows is is the project of London based producer GG Skips, back to grace those quarantined ears with new track ‘Easy’.

Moody from the off, it’s a slurry of vocals that exude familiar fuzzy feelings all up in your bones; it’s like running up the travelator on Gladiators, only instead of being greeted by John Fashanu at the top, you find yourself whirling inside the harmonious clanks of some alternate robotic dimension where “…it’s all love and alcohol” echoes over a tannoy. That combined with the minimal, heady bass is a dose of pure delight. Taking the rough with the smooth, even the driest of heads will be pouting along.

Talking about the track GG Skips adds “‘Easy’ is about sobriety. The weight of the city. Slipping under the curb. Waking up and starting again. Written a while ago, it seems right that it is coming out now, theres a drive to the track. Like a night drive back from a night out, after the club, a regret and reassurance in the quiet moments after the music has died.”