Go and help some bands: Bandcamp have removed their fees for a day and here’s who you can help

We’re not sure there are many more ways to introduce these ‘”strange” and  “unprecedented” times, but it’s certainly weird and Covid-19 is having a massive effect on the independent bands, artists and labels around us.

The bands we all know and love keep us happy by releasing music and taking it across the country on tours of our small venues. The hard work that goes into the preparation behind a release or a tour months and months before it goes ahead means that a new date in the diary for you and me, becomes a huge waste of time and resources for the artists alongside a healthy measure of financial instability. As we are all too aware, nobody is making any money from selling music and it’s ticket  and merch sales (especially merch sales) that keep these bands afloat. Without a tour, these are trying times for the bands so we wanted to highlight how you can help.

Today (and today only!), Bandcamp are waiving their revenue fee to support the artists on their platform, making this the opportune and most effective time to put some money in your favourite bands’ pockets. We understand that everyone has their difficulties right now (us included) but what comes out the other side is new music, so it’s a win-win.

Here are some bands you can help right away and also get some very very good looking merch. We’ll keep updating this throughout the day so please get in touch with your links etc.


What are they selling? Their debut EP on vinyl, pre orders of their upcoming debut album and a hoodie.

Shop here


What are they selling? Some very very good looking T-Shirts plus a tote band and a special edition ‘Coping With Covid’ pressing of their EP ‘Town Centre’

Shop here.


Dry Cleaning

What are they selling? A limited amount of T-Shirts. Everything else has sold out so hop to it.

Shop here.


Council Records

What are they selling? Home to The Wants, Scalping, Talk Show and Moa Moa. You can find plenty of vinyl and T-Shirts from their roster. Great artwork all round, congrats.

Shop here.


Just Mustard

What are they selling? A T Shirt plus limited amounts of vinyl. The debut album plus their two recent singles are all available. They won’t be for long.

Shop here.


Fruit Tones

What are they selling? Plenty of vinyl in pretty much all the colours.

Shop here.



What are they selling? Happiness? Maybe not. But they have do have some pins, vinyl, Tees and CD’s. Go!

Shop Here


Lazarus Kane

What are they selling? A long sleeve T-Shirt. Lovely little number.

Shop here


The Cool Greenhouse

What are they selling? Tea towels, Vinyl and Mystery Seeds. We have a winner!

Shop here



What are they selling? Merch printed for their cancelled Spring tour.

Shop here


Static Shock Records

What are they selling? Lots of vinyl. Only 3 Chubby & the Gang left on red vinyl. You should get that.

Shop here.



What are they selling? T-Shirts and Hoodies. All the vinyl has gone and we’re not surprised.

Shop here.


Katy J Pearson

What are they selling? Tees, Totes, Vinyl and bundles.

Shop here



What are they selling? Loads of vinyl and T Shirts from their roster which includes The Stroppies, TOY, Peel Dream Magazine, Current Affairs & more.

Shop here



What are they selling? Some T-Shirts in multiple colours plus a smiley long sleeve T-Shirt.

Shop here



What are they selling? Pay what you want on all digital downloads.

Shop here.


Public Body

What are they selling? A very nice T-Shirt titled ‘Naughty Boy On My Bike’

Shop here 


Saddle Creek

What are they selling? Waiving label share so artists get 100% of all digital sales today.

Shop Here



What are they selling? One Logo T-Shirt on a Gildan Heavy.

Shop here


Strong Island Recordings

What are they selling? Vinyl, Post Cards, Tees and Cassettes

Shop here


Sleep Eaters

What are they selling? Some vinyl, some very wearable Tees and a bundle option.

Shop here


Julia Bardo

What are they selling? Vinyl in 7″ black and T-Shirts on soft style in some lovely shades.

Shop here


Sad Club Records

What are they selling? Loads of cassettes including magic from L.A. Peach, Girl Ray and more.

Shop here


Porridge Radio

What are they selling? Vinyl,  Some really great Long Sleeve Tees and CD’s.

Shop here


Suggestions from our social media:

Hidden Bay Records


Devil Town Tapes




Harry Hanson

Yellow Brain

Birdman Cult


Digging For Apples

Rama Lama Records

The Novus

Kayla Painter

Milvus Milvus

Tall Stories


Wood Ewe


Blue Amber


Black Flies

We are currently offering both Issue 23&24 for £6 in a bid to support our print magazine and give you some extra reading at home now that we all have a bit more time. If you’d like to pick up a copy, you can shop here.

Header Image from Bandcamp