Listen: Goat Girl join Bristol collective Pet Shimmers for the effervescent ‘Feels Hz’

Oliver Wilde is one of Bristol’s most enigmatic creatives, crafting some of the most evocative and beautifully emotive music to come from the city in a particularly long amount of time.

Having spent time in various projects and as a solo artist, Wilde has formed Pet Shimmers, a distinctive ensemble that are beautifully enhancing the tender and encompassing foundations of Wilde’s notions. Having shared their first single ‘Persona Party’ last week, the collective have quickly followed it up with ‘Feels Hz’, an effervescent notion that features none other than Goat Girl on striking harmonies.

It’s fizzing fragments coalesce so neatly and effortlessly into the gentle atmosphere its testament to Wilde’s songwriting – merciful, considered and steeped in melancholia. A steady heartbeat of buzzing, arcade synths cannot hide the panic that’s intrinsically layered within its core, the abstract nature of the violins only embedding the emotive feeling further. It’s only alleviated upon the solitary chorus of harmonies, as Wilde and Goat Girl softly coo near unintelligible murmurings that flutter stunningly at the forefront. They sound definitive and undeterred, as if finding closure from within a deep, untouched environment and preparing to build anew.

‘Feels Hz’ is out now – listen below.

Pet Shimmers play their first shows from next month with Jelly Boy, dates below –

14/03 Shacklewell Arms, London
16/03 Hy-Brasil, Bristol

We’ve added ‘Feels Hz’ to The So Young List on Spotify which you can follow here.