Listen: Goat Girl Return with New Single ‘ride around’ and Announce New Album

Goat Girl don’t ever seem to feel the need to rush things. In a time where bands are often eager to adhere to a rigorous cycle of releasing regularly, there’s always been a sizeable gap between their appearances.

The time, however, is seemingly spent wisely, and has seen the band evolve between records in astounding fashion, from the gritty garage-punk of their self-titled debut to the psychedelic feel of its successor ‘On All Fours’.  With the announcement of album number three, ‘Below the Waste’, they’ve shared ‘ride around’ as the first taste of what they’ve spent the last three years working away on, and it’s quite unlike anything we’ve heard Goat Girl do before.

While the thinning of the group’s lineup from foursome to trio has left the remaining members with more duties, it’s also allowed each of them to explore a little more creative freedom through the addition of several additional instruments. The music of Goat Girl has always had a certain darkness to it, but the start of the track is the band at their most foreboding. Guitars reminiscent of 90s post-hardcore, various percussive timbres from drummer Rosy Jones and the penetrating buzz of Holly Mullineaux’s bass create an ominous atmosphere for the first half, with a few nods to the disorienting post-punk of the likes of The Pop Group and This Heat. That’s not to say that the darkness remains through the entire song, as the end provides a sense of catharsis as everything comes to a thrilling climax.

This broader range of influences is something that many may have predicted for Goat Girl, considering vocalist Lottie Pendlebury’s recent work with Toby Evans-Jesra in their new project, lobby, which sees the two of them explore a slowcore-indebted sound. The band have also alluded to deep appreciations for varied artists such as Deerhoof and Philip Glass which influenced the wider record, and their collaborations with LICE also appear to be rubbing off on the group in a positive fashion.

The themes of isolation and feeling like an outsider permeate through ‘ride around’ but come over stronger than when they’ve been previously explored, with Pendlebury’s lyrics feeling more befitting of the song’s mood. The studio chops of John Spud Murphy also allow the band to add texture and atmosphere, and with his iconic Hellfire Studio space where the likes of black midi and Lankum have recorded at their disposal, it seems that the possibility of ‘ride around’ only being the tip of the album’s grandeur is a very real one.

If you said when ‘Sad Cowboy’ emerged as the first taste of their second album ‘On All Fours’ that it was the strongest thing they’d done to date and showed immense artistic growth, then get ready to bring out all your superlatives again, because Goat Girl really have outdone themselves here.

‘Below The Waste’ is out 7.6.24 via Rough Trade Records. Pre order here.

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Photo by Holly Whitaker

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