Listen: Goat Girl announce new album and share new single ‘Sad Cowboy’

“Take my hand let me show you around, it’s the same old place, to the streets we’re bound.”

Upon their return, Goat Girl have curated their sound and narrative into something definitively wider-reaching in scope – where before their knotty western jams lingered around Lottie Cream’s insistent and stark narratives, with new single ‘Sad Cowboy’ they explore the possibilities of universalism – channelling the rights and wrongs of the world into considered, cinematic substance.

It fits them well, Lottie’s compelling drawl draws from her abstractions of the world within deep, colourful illustrations – balancing the whimsical cosmic nature of their new found penchant for synths alongside the more familiar windswept earthiness of their guitars. There’s more to latch onto here, you feel a real narrative unearthing itself from within the hypnotic swirl – alluring and demure in equal measure.

You feel they’ve found their place. Where their first record was an assertive and rightfully indignant perception of modern day inertia – they’ve now found a sense of understanding in how to combat that, through a colourful and animated progression in sound and a deeper sense of purpose in the self to find wider empathy. Everywhere might look the same, but don’t doubt its matured.

New album ‘On All Fours’ will be out on 29/01/21 via Rough Trade Records. Pre order here.

Header Photo by Holly Whitaker

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