Listen: Goat Girl Share Second Single ‘Motorway’ from Upcoming New Album ‘Below The Waste’

South London’s Goat Girl have released their most playful track yet ahead of their forthcoming album ‘Below the Waste’, which is set for release on 7th June via Rough Trade Records. 

‘Motorway’ maps the shared experience of sitting in the back seat of a car as a child watching the world go by, repeatedly asking along the M5 ‘are we there yet’. It navigates naïve oblivion – not knowing a final destination, yet enjoying the journey nevertheless. According to vocalist Lottie Pendlebury: “’Motorway’ was born out of a desire to write a song where the main focal point was the voice. In listening to lots of music where the vocal line commanded all the attention through unexpected turns and developing melodies, I knew I wanted to try something similar. I sat with a simple sub bass line and experimented with letting the voice move however it wanted and recorded a video of myself to capture the moment.”

Sultry vocals mix luxuriously with an electronic sound, amplifying the track’s pop sensibilities as a song written by an ever-maturing, noughties-loving band who frequently cite Kid Cudi as a strong influence. Elsewhere, the band subverts and challenges the mainstream through their blend of pop with organic instruments such as the air organ that can be heard throughout the chorus. 

The accompanying music video, produced by world famous choreographer Holly Blakey, features dancers adorned in archived Vivienne Westwood pieces styled by the infamous Matthew Josephs. The video taps into the fantastical, the curious and everything in between, projecting onto our screens those ever familiar feelings once felt from the back of the car.

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Photo by Holly Whitaker

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