Watch: Gork announce new EP ‘Class’ and share surreal new single ‘That’s Plastic Mate’

If you were under the impression that the war on single-use plastics was slowing down a touch, then prepare yourself for the most bizarre, surrealist approach to tackling it yet.

This is Gork, Bristol’s perennial weird-pop band, and they are losing their minds over ‘That’s Plastic Mate’.

Whats so great about them is they’ve never been too fussed about taking themselves seriously – they used to parade around stage with broccoli and wearing bungling burglar-esque fishnet stockings on their head. But now, their music has caught up with their idiosyncratic tendencies. It’s zany, but unquestionably intrinsic in melody, the caustic strangling balanced out by unconventional yet intelligent songwriting.

Their surrealist approach to socio-political themes is obviously humorous but also self-aware in itself – as if they are daring you to take the issue as a joke. The various garish voices that infiltrate the track disorientate you even further, but add definitive texture to their cause.

An antagonistic but equally brilliant first single that purposefully pulls you in as much as it perplexes. As much as you might deny it, Gork have caught you already.

Gork will release new EP ‘Class’ on 15th November via Breakfast Records and Leisure records.