Watch: Grandmas House tear it up with new single ‘Devil’s Advocate’


It’s safe to say, Grandmas House are as urgent as they come.

Having arrived and quickly cemented themselves in the basements and dive bars (well, one specific dive bar) of Bristol with their uncompromising and provoking live set – Yasmin, Poppy and Zoe have now assuredly delivered on another level with their bruising and provoking single ‘Devil’s Advocate’.

It’s a Molotov of untempered adrenaline – the trio taking the raw expression of their live show and physically demanding it from their recorded output. They’ve delivered it with a wry wink and a middle finger – the trigger finger bass pumped out fantastically loud with the drums shattering around them.

For all the riotousness of it, its impressively slick – the succinct directness in which they write offering something bolder and more absorbing than their contemporaries. As they let out an empowering and unrestrained wail, and shout from the gutter “I am the Devil’s Advocate” with definitive potential, you better be aware that Grandmas House mean business.

Header Photo by Alex Stark