Listen: H.L. Grail Shares Debut Single ‘Sandman’ via Underfoot

H.L. Grail plunges into the depths of past trauma in hopes of finding repose on debut single ‘Sandman’.

The solo project of Goat Girl bassist Holly Mullineaux, H. L. Grail highlights how moments of clarity come at the most unexpected times, in this instance; being engulfed in The Solent strait.

The opening line; ‘With my feet in the sand, I wish you were a better man.’ sets the tone of despondency for the remainder of ‘Sandman’, and as textures of pizzicato strings and warming horns overlap, the lack of a rhythm section becomes apparent. Perhaps this is a reflection of the weightlessness the sea can provide, or the support a lover cannot. Either way, Mullineaux’s vocalisations cut through the instrumentation with ease, leaving you wanting more by the time the abrupt ending arrives.

Released on Bristol-based label Underfoot, ‘Sandman’ is a subtle entrance by H.L. Grail into the increasingly exciting Indie-Folk scene.

Photo by Maximilian Hetherington

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