Watch: Happyness share surreal video for poignant album closer ‘Seeing Eye Dog’

“Freedom. It’s a great slapping handshake with the weight that I could have lost. The fantasy pill.”

‘Seeing Eye Dog’ is the final piece to be gilded in Happyness’ personally reconstructed and lavishly shifted frame of mind. A track as twisted and winding as the unknown it set out to process, it’s recent video companion further layers and expands upon this, like a silver lining elevator for the stars.  

Up for self-projection here is a digitally guiding path towards a near distant future. The internally lo-fi light at the end of a splitting tunnel, seemingly heading nowhere and yet routinely fluctuating. Timelessly traversing expectations of what can be achieved with the slightest awakenings of Allan and Kenazi in the sky of Happyness –  this is a visually soothing hallucinogenic, a yawning eye opener that’s blinking tirelessly to adjust to new beginnings. 

We’re both at ease with and triggered by Seeing Eye Dog. Breathtakingly consuming, like those seemingly-infinite hazy seconds following a full-body cry, we’re offered the opportunity to gaze upon shared vulnerabilities. We’re not coaxed into recognising this obscure presence – the floating figure who may or may not represent the ones we grew to love and now can’t face. Yet what’s assuring is, if we can take anything from the alien and the unknown, it’s that this is the new era of Happyness.

Header Photo by Holly Whitaker

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