Listen: Hastings Three-Piece Borough Council Share Debut Single ‘Prescribed’

Hot off the press, Hastings-based three piece Borough Council have put out their first single – ‘Prescribed’ – via Bath House Records.

After years of playing across different projects and with their local live reputation solidly in place, brothers Haydn and Joe Ackerley and their long-time friend, Tom Healey, have settled into a trio – forming Borough Council. Their debut single was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the third Ackerley brother, George, who runs Bath House Records.

The accompanying video – brought together by Ben Pierce and Scott Griffiths – reportedly aims to capture the movement of the single. It is a “non-stabilised” one shot of Haydn along Bottle Alley – the lower deck of Hastings promenade dating back to the 1930s – in which the clashing of the early 20th century architecture and the 21st century addition of multi-coloured lighting encourages the tension being built musically.

Moody and austere, ‘Prescribed’ blurs the lines between each of its components in a way that allows them to bounce off of and react to each other, this blurring acts as the perfect foundation for Haydn’s soliloquising. Boasting elements of dark wave, ‘Prescribed’ is a rolling and murky first offering, that deals strictly in direct address and nebulous mixing. Long awaited by their cult following, ‘Prescribed’ appears to translate the energy reported from the depths of the trio’s live show, and will ultimately act as an invitation to anyone wishing to see it in the flesh.

The new issue of So Young is out now. Grab a copy in print here or read the digital edition below.