Listen: Headboy Share New Single ‘Alligator’

Headboy’s ‘Alligator’ is glazed with a slow apathy, unfolding in the voice of Mars West. The newest single from the London-based trio folds together elements of the London DIY scene (with familiar sounds to Sorry and Goat Girl), whilst paying homage to the ongoing 90s revival.  ‘Alligator’ sets Headboy up as being masters of this practice, evoking familiarity whilst presenting us with something shiny and new.

On the surface it’s a brighter and glossier track than their debut, ‘Televised’, but the lyrics have a dark anxiety about them. A metaphorical ‘Alligator’ gets carefully put together, wrapped up tight, and sent away; and in the aftermath, we nervously wait for a response. The angst reaches it’s peak in a half-shouted chorus by West and bassist Jess Collins, accompanied by sharp and pointed drums by Oli Birbeck.

The band themselves have said that song is a ‘take on the regret and frustration of not being able to hold onto an emotion beyond the moment you feel it in’, a frustration that is deeply human. West bemoans “Why did I say that?”, since whatever feeling prompted them to mail someone an alligator has inevitably passed. Is the Alligator a drunk text to an ex? A moment of rage? An expression of love? Whatever the Alligator was, it’s out of your hands now.

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