Watch: Heartworms Share Video for ’24 Hours’ from Debut EP ‘A Comforting Notion’

Heartworms Share Video for ’24 Hours’ from Debut EP ‘A Comforting Notion’.

If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention, you’ll know by now that there’s more than a little bit of excitement surrounding Heartworms at the moment. If you’ve been paying that little bit more attention, you’ll know that there’s incredibly good reason for this hype. For anyone eager to dive headfirst into their enchanting world, then look no further than ’24 Hours’, the final cut from their debut EP, ‘A Comforting Notion’.

Released today alongside the full EP and a music video, ’24 Hours’ is perhaps the grandest statement of intent from an act that already appear to be capable of accomplishing anything within their reach. Honing in on the impressive sound palette she has already created on previous singles, the project’s mastermind Jojo Orme has cultivated something of a magnetic aura around herself; a presence that feels almost intimidatingly cool alongside a delivery that captures a universally recognisable moroseness. There’s a gloom that hangs over their songs, with ’24 Hours’ being no different, touching on themes of childhood malaise that many will be all too familiar with, and capturing it perfectly. Never in the history of popular music has anyone described the concept of the tooth fairy in such a matter of fact and drole fashion, but Orme’s image of bleeding teeth becoming money, and money becoming a souvenir somehow nails it.

This all ignores the perfect atmosphere that Orme and her band create through the musical elements, and while it shares much in common with much of the post-punk canon that has come before it, Heartworms breathe new life into the genre. The track opens with a blast of foghorn-like synths, before erupting with a simple yet effective three note guitar line in the chorus. Texture is crucial to how Heartworms conjure their intensity, and even things such as the smallest swells of theremin add so much character.

’24 Hours’ was already a live favourite for those who have been lucky enough to see Heartworms perform, and now as the climactic finale of their debut EP, it feels as though it has taken on a new form as their most defining statement to date. Many will say that Heartworms have the perfect recipe for becoming the next great cult act, but you sense that even at this early stage they could go a few steps further than that and continue to make a devastating impression on the next generation.

‘A Comforting Notion’ is out now via Speedy Wunderground.

Photo by Gilbert Trejo

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