Listen: Heartworms Sign to Speedy Wunderground and Share ‘Consistent Dedication’

Performing under the wriggling moniker Heartworms, Jojo Orme invokes a sense of pulsating, uncontrollable madness on new single ‘Consistent Dedication’.

Produced by Speedy Wunderground founder and savant producer, Dan Carey, the track initially presents as a minimalistic drum machine anthem, before the encroach of a flighty pseudo-funk guitar riff and Orme’s disquieting, whispered vocal delivery transforms it into a shapeshifting, mantric track that teems with unhinged energy.

Heartworms in So Young Issue Thirty-Eight

The track possesses a briny, itchy undertone that lingers throughout, rendering a sense of unease in a passing listener. The source of this stems from many distinct branches of Orme’s songwriting, whether it be from her vicious, caterwauling at the peak of the refrain beginning ‘ugly is the man, he’ll chew his eyes…’, or the sticky drum patterns that descends into discordancy as the song climaxes. The use of melodic complexity is also evident across Orme’s minimal discography, bolstered by her morbid, often cryptic lyrics that push the frontiers of post punk daringly forwards, taking influence from both the clockwork cadence of Interpol and Kraftwerk, and the poetic musings of Thomas and Keats.

‘Consistent Dedication’ is a confident and confrontational release, paving a unique path for Orme as an auspicious songwriter and loud voice at the forefront of a heady new wave of post punk experimentalists.

Ahead of the single release, we spoke to Jojo of Heartworms in Issue Thirty-Eight of So Young. You can pick up a copy here.

Photo by Camille Alexander

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