Listen: Henry Carlyle Shares New Single ‘A Bigger Splash’

David Hockney-referencing, ‘A Bigger Splash’ is the second solo effort from Orielles/Splint axe-wielder Henry Carlyle.

Punctuated by a valley-deep gravelly vocal – like Edwyn Collins’ after a packet of Rothmans – ‘A Bigger Splash’ offers touching excursions on the misguided hedonisms of youth. With it’s retinue of guitar chip-chops and sweet-as-you-like melodic forays – the backing twitters of partner-in-crime Julia Bardo (bass player for his impressive live set too) is no insignificant ingredient here – Carlyle’s is a music of maturity, of after-the-fact ruminations. “The lyrics are mostly about self-medicating”, Carlyle explains, “trying to feel instantly better for a transient moment then reeling from that for a longer period of time than the intended relief.”

True to it’s title, watery sensations perforate the track’s every pore. A grainy, Blair Witch video finds Carlyle’s shaven, crazed head bopping as if within a rippling lake. Lyrics talk of casting smooth, heavy stones and of bathing brains. And as the song finishes it’s verse-chorus cycle, it pushes down it’s limbs into the deep blue, plunging into an endless two-chord hypnosis. Like a patient, ethereal reflection, as if losing itself in its own grievances, the repetition brings forth redemption: our Hendrix of Halifax shredding through the drone in a glorious blaze of electric therapy. It’s an honour to witness. 

Issue Thirty-Seven is out now Ft. Porridge Radio, Crows, Folly Group, The Dinner Party, Automatic, Gently Tender, headboy and more. Buy in print here. Read the digital edition below.