Listen: High-Vis release first single ‘Walking Wires’ from debut album

We’re all feeling courage-d crushes as London’s High-Vis release ‘Walking Wires’- the first track from their forthcoming debut ‘No Sense No Feeling’ via Venn Records. 

Travelling as the forward- facing seats on a bullet train heading nowhere but towards a trip of post-punk stress-relief, ‘Walking Wires’ is every bit a youth fuelled messenger waiting to jump today’s tracks and spark re-energised fire on already high-voltage crackled rails. 

The song itself paces at less of a walking speed and more a jogged sprawl that’s bound to leave you breathy, very sweaty and hyped-up-ready to stomp the system at any given notice. Coming in instantly with vocals sounding as though they’ve been called from the rooftop of our inner-urgent shit-stirrer and down to the big bad situations below, (all in just under three minutes) it’s about time we all stepped outside the half- beaten path and fully listened to ourselves. 

As the dirt-walls on either side of our cornered off existences begin to break loose, we’re surely in it with this group for the long run now. 

High-Vis headline We Are So Young 6 at The Social on 10/10/19. Tickets and full info here.