Watch: Holy Motors share new single ‘Country Church’

In ‘Dandelions’, Yasunari Kawabata speaks of romanticised perspective as “an unexpected patch of blue in a cloudy sky”, but to fall in love with Holy Motors is to seek deliberate light in darkness- tipping our cosmos upside down and repainting the skyline in the thickest brushes of deep-sea-colour.

This is a band building a kingdom full of kaleidoscopic reflections, and their ‘Country Church’ is no fairytale short of a ‘red sky at night, shepherds delight’ love lore.

Guiding balladry through valleys of delightful noodling, the Estonian soundtrack-herders take spirit in wandering and the splendid simplicity of slow-croon-living. Or rather, the mindful art of tenderly hummed nostalgia – like the cloudy kiss of homemade-lemonade trickling in a moment-in-time, traceable trails down the chins of daylight lovers, seeking dusky refreshment during an eternalised summer-solstice on planet Holy Motor.

As Morricone sits down to stargaze in pools of essential dew, a trio of guitars strum proudly from their perch on a blade of straw grass tucked inside the crooked smiled of a daydream-ranger; a psychedelic-cowboy with a penchant for Oakwood-soaked headiness, and an ear for the unseen, in-between. 

As far as the mind can evoke, ‘Country Church’ has more heartfelt fuzz than a Pippi Longstocking fantasy – complete with budding candidness, an emblematic white horse companion, and a level of carefree richness. It’s one that can only ever be achieved when twanged inspiration and the smell of rain turning leaves into bloom-soaked lullabies come together to rediscover the poetic playfulness in Spaghetti Western riff-reverie.

Holy Motors release new album Horse on October 16th via Wharf Cat Records.

Header Photo by Grete Ly Valing.

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