Listen: Home Counties rise from the ashes with ‘Redevelopment’

Things could not be more fitting as the dudes we once knew as Haze release ‘Redevelopment‘, the first single under their new moniker: Home Counties. 

Entering into a new era of precision percussion and more songs about buildings and food, Redevelopment is undoubtedly a fresh set of keys cut to enhance, but not match, its previous tenants. This is a house-warming for a band who’ve spent the last year growing into who they’re supposed to be.

Whirring splendidly like the manic mastery of a Devo Sonic-Screwdriver, Home Counties drill their way tighter and faster into your mind cogs until you’re unable to distinguish progress, from the discorded pressure to grow within a societal infrastructure that quite simply, has no time for you or your alternative lifestyle. 

A welcomed taster for what’s to come, as far as credibility is concerned… It has been noted that all things in life are indeed improved by cowbell.

Header Photo by Rowan Allen