Listen: Honeyglaze Release Debut Single ‘Burglar’ via Speedy Wunderground

Building up a notable reputation through gigging (not to mention during a pandemic) with no prior internet releases is an impressive feat. Honeyglaze can assuredly count themselves as part of this young, talented souls club, joining the ranks of previous members Wunderhorse, Vlure and Medicine Cabinet to name a few.

Released via South-London’s epicentre of unconventionality and experimentalism, Speedy Wunderground, Honeyglaze’s debut track ‘Burglar’ is replete with murky basslines and wistful guitar licks, guided by seamless tempo changes winding throughout the song. ‘Burglar’ sets itself up as a slow waltz lulling the listener into a trance, then suddenly and seamlessly transforms into a danceable hybrid of bedroom pop, lo-fi and 90s grunge. These rhythm alternations, complete with lead singer, Anouska’s soft but unsettling lyrics, reflect the playful and confident, yet elusive and mysterious persona that this three-piece represent. 

Perhaps it’s a bad omen, but recently a lot of burglar-themed content has dropped onto the mainstream radar. From HBO’s This Is Us, to The Undoing, themes of unwanted intruders, creaking stairs when you’re home alone and broken windows have crept up from the periphery. Honeyglaze’s new track serves as a most welcome refocusing of this lens, using themes of burglary and unknown presences to shine a light on the anxiety that sits waiting in the darkest corners of our minds. ‘Just like a burglar waiting to take my time away’ the video mirrors this sentiment perfectly, literally holding up a mirror to our unsuspecting selves and demanding a response. Isn’t the sign of a good song the ability to interpret and relate to it in your own way?

Honeyglaze may be newcomers, but that hasn’t stopped their plans for domination. They demand ‘undistracted and constant worship’ when playing live, and off the back of their new track, this shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. 

Photo by Holly Whitaker

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