Listen: Honeyglaze Return With Newest Single ‘Female Lead’

Effortlessly navigating the boundary between relatable and absurd, ‘Female Lead’ is a short and sweet preview of Honeyglaze’s upcoming self-titled debut album; set for release via Speedy Wunderground, on 29th April.

‘Female Lead’ arrives with the same habitual charm that has played into the allure of both the trio themselves, and their previous releases. Nurtured by its swaying musicality and self-aware lyricism and described as “narrative heavy”, the track dives into the seemingly arbitrary issue of a hair-dye job gone wrong. With Anouska Sokolow’s soft vocals, a gentle bassline, and an understated jazzy interlude, ‘Female Lead’ feels like comfortably listening to a friend wittily relay a story from their adolescence.

Produced by Dan Carey, the tongue-in-cheek tale is released alongside a video. Directed by Anouska and James Ogram, it playfully opens with a scene from a made-up Casablanca-esque film. Staying true to the ‘Female Lead’ of it all, the band’s bassist Tim Curtis, and drummer Yuri Shibuichi, make only one minor cameo; the rest of the video follows Anouska in her attempt to embody the movie star.

It appears that the heart of this track, and perhaps Honeyglaze, is endearing relatability, as many of us have stories of attempting to emulate our idols. Attempts that were often unsuccessful – for instance, trying to dye your hair Madonna blonde.

Photo by Holly Whitaker

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