Listen: Honkies are in a baiting mood with new single ‘Buzz Band’

Honkies return once again, relatively quickly after the release of the pungent ‘Slugs’, with an immodest and pretty hilarious jibe at the scene with ‘Buzz Band’.

Sure, this is a pretty cynical take, but the band don’t even poetically dress up the idea of getting bent over by the baying money flingers that snort a key while foaming at the mouth in the Windmill’s toilets. It’s direct, cutting and utterly unapologetic – which sure, may come across to the ignorant as some attempt at feigning coolness – but at least they aren’t afraid to defy pigheaded obnoxiousness to express a notion that actually probably a lot of people are thinking as well. At the end of the day it aims to focus in on the larger image – the state of the industry in the capital as a whole and the fickleness of audiences in the current state of music consumption.

Also – their unified sound as a whole may be loose and crass, but its infectious – the sarky country-twang allowing them to craft something brazen and raw while subtly beguiling in it’s simple, attractive hooks.

It’s snide as fuck, and all the better for it.