Watch: Honkies share new single ‘Slugs’

Having trailed around the capital with fellow London ruffians Phobophobes and Peeping Drexels of late, Honkies return!

Surviving through various changes in line-up and open mental health issues – the group have settled in comfortably and present their new single ‘Slugs’ – a surprisingly bashful yet rousingly infectious jam.

The track is a turgid but tender moment – a ramble of slinky hedonism coaxed into something surprisingly endearing. While narratives centred around shit parties and too many drugs can be derivative at times, Honkies present something more substantial, unafraid to show a little empathy and feeling towards each other amongst the faceless crowd of strangers on a Saturday night.

‘Slugs’ is also pleasantly infectious – the rough and ready foundations are seductively partnered with slurred, rasping harmony. A suitable soundtrack for the come down and afterparty regret that fills your Sunday morning.

Header Photo by ​Bénédicte Dacquin