Listen: Hot Face Share Debut Single ‘ dura dura’ via Speedy Wunderground

The 45th entrant to the prestigious speedy wunderground singles series,  Hot Face’s debut arrives with thunderous intentions.

‘you’ll either love it or run from it’.

Such is the brazen war-cry of emergent London psych-punk trio Hot Face, the latest unearthed gem to drift menacingly into the devilish, dial-twisting fingers of producer overload suprême Dan Carey. A band seen wearing French Monster Masks, have come, like from an early Disney nightmare sequence,  with no other motive than to strike into our hearts a theatrical, playful, yet deeply soul-shaking fear.

Hot Face in Issue Forty-Three of So Young. Order a copy to read the full interview here.

Electric and delicious, and dribbling with power, ‘dura dura’ thwacks out a whiplash riptide of psych-punk adrenaline. Riffs up to here, shreds with enough friction to start small house fires,  parkours from one tempo to next without any regard for personal safety… the falls down are fatally far but the heights are so euphoric high…. Bringing Osees’s manias south of the Thames, making over King Gizzard and Lizard Wizard with Mod haircuts and Fred Perry polos,  ‘dura dura’ provides enough uprooting force to unthread jumpers, unpair shocks or send raincoats flying off their hooks. Which is to say, a lot.

The new issue of So Young is out now. You can purchase in print here or read the digital edition below.