Listen: Hotel Lux are feeling reminiscent around ‘Eddie’s Gaff’

After a shit full English and a can of coke, the hangover has kicked in – the lingering remnants of memory that slowly drip back into your mind of throwing up in the bath the night before allows the beer fear to take over your entire body, sobering as it comes. Fear not though, it’s just another day, and ‘Eddie’s Gaff’ is a pretty suitable embodiment for the Saturday night / Sunday morning blur, easier times.

For all the humble self-depreciation and honesty they express in their lyricism, this is perhaps Hotel Lux’s most simple exploration of growing up – remembering the good times waking up in your mate’s parents place at the age of 22 still a bit too hammered, but also appreciating that was all in the past, and the looming notion of maturation tolling it’s bell.

While harnessing both the sinister anxieties of their earlier work and the bounding enthusiasm of their more recent choruses, ‘Eddie’s Gaff’ notably embodies the disquiet misgivings of a bunch of twenty somethings trying to find their place within it all. It’s going alright, Duffin and Cam managed to get an uber to the other side of Bristol hungover when trying to get to mine the other month, we’ll let them off.

‘Barstool Preaching’ will be released on 24/04 via Nice Swan Records. You can Pre Order the 12″ vinyl now here.

We catch up with Hotel Lux in our new issue which you can find here.

Header Photo by Jody Evans