Listen: Hotline TNT Share ‘I Thought You’d Change’ and Announce Album ‘Cartwheel’

Having recently signed to Third Man Records, releasing match-made-in-heaven tracks for shoegaze fanatics (such as ‘Protocol’), Hotline TNT, the brainchild of musician Will Anderson,  have announced their forthcoming album ‘Cartwheel’ – the first to be released with the new label in November. 

Headline track ‘I Thought You’d Change’ provides an immediate delve into the dark and gloomy waters of self-doubt and romantic conundrums. Paired with a cinematically directed music video, featuring split screens reminiscing on adolescent dreams, the track goes hand-in-hand with Anderson’s previous grunge-filled, hazy laments, whilst bringing something heavier and deeper into the mix. 

When asked about the track, Anderson stated: “This song is about wanting a friendship to turn into something more, seeing it happen against all odds, wondering if it was the right thing to do, then wanting it to change back to a friendship or even a secret third style of attachment that I can’t identify or hold onto. This is the first time I’ve written a song that switches back and forth between two narrators, and I’m not sure which words are supposed to be mine and which are from my lover.”

The release of the album from Third Man Records is to be followed by an extensive US tour, with the band performing alongside the likes of Sheer Mag and Quicksand. 

Photo by Wes Knoll

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