Listen: Human Pet share Itch/Scratch

Take note as London’s Human Pet release ‘Itch / Scratch’ via The New Town Tudors.

One part of a Double A-side whole, this London nightlife inspired single is surely capital. Packing the same level of determination laced-claustrophobia as trying to fit a leather bomber jacket underneath layers of a livery wet-suit complete with riffed edges, there’s a method to this punk-suction that shows no interest in giving in to ease.

Essentially, trying to mangle your way outta’ embracing this number is an impossible feat so we’re not trying.

As the creases of your skin start to tingle howls of fevered stimulation, from the thugged buzz of a banded body circulating crawled-chaos across all vital organs (ear-drums and third eyes notably), If blindfolded long-distance kayaking in the height of winter were to have a physical soundtrack… it would be this.

All encompassing-ly stimulating and in need of repeated, unquestionable attention, vocals from Ian Charles Carter are a determined-drool to stir shit up and do it right before it gets too dark to look forward.

A total burner, ‘Itch / Scratch’ is the adrenaline that turns knuckles white from addictive pressure and of which, couldn’t have escaped at a more pressing time.

Human Pet play their biggest show to date, headlining The Shacklewell Arms on Feb 15th.