Review: Humour Bash Brains on Debut EP ‘pure misery’

The pressure cooker of modern living. A simmering melting pot of bills this, job that, update your app this and here, have another bill for good measure. For the city dwellers among us, the secluded dark corners to have a scream and shout about it are few and far between. Luckily for us, Glaswegian five-piece Humour have answered our cries, with their brain-bashing debut EP ‘Pure Misery’.

A post-hardcore exploit of feral release, the EP’s opener ‘yeah,mud!’ kicks off the proceedings with urgency. As distressed guitars and unison chants lead the unbridled charge, you’ll be seeing stars in a dizzying head-spin by the song’s conclusion. Strutting into the title track, frontman Andreas Christodoulidis’ vocals are enticingly frantic and devilishly charming. Allowing cynical lyricism to ruminate at the forefront on ‘dogs’, Humour have all the downtrodden wit of a Fugazi number.

Unravelling at the seams, ‘alive and well’ thrives in its experimentation. Punctuated by head-strong percussion, the pained single will have you hooked in a vice-like grip. Delving into spookier realms, penultimate track ‘jeans’ would not seem out of place accompanying the end credits of an 80’s horror flick. A sumptuous cacophony of demonic sounds – cue nails down a blackboard – the EP’s closer ‘good boys remember well’ is certainly one to expel the dark days.

An exorcism of inner turmoil, ‘Pure Misery’ is the dose of sonic medication needed for unclearing a brain fog. Best served – shouting along till your blue in the face. Warning – you may need a quiet sit down by the end of it.

‘pure misery’ is out on Friday 25th November. Pre Order the 12″ Vinyl here.

Issue Forty of So Young is out now. Order your copy in print here or read the digital edition below.