In Photos: The Chats at the Electric Ballroom, London

Aussie noise has been dominating London in recent months and to add to that, The Chats have been touring the country this week, sharing their stories of STD’s, stolen cigarettes and being on Smoko. After sell out shows in Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester, the UK was treated to one last ‘SMOKO’ at the Electric Ballroom, London. The Melbourne three piece have been welcomed with open arms, drawing crowds almost unthinkable off the back of just two 7 Track albums and it’s clear that they’ve made some friends along the way with Hotel Lux joining them on tour and Shame’s Charlie Steen joining/taking over the stage for the chorus of ‘Smoko’ in London. To capture the evening, we asked photographer, April Arabella to take the shots. Check them out below.

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Photos by April Arabella