Interview: Meet Illustrator Anna Rupprecht

Anna Rupprecht is a graphic design student and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Anna, won our third illustration competition in June with her amazing Solange entry which was featured in our seventeenth issue and will be displayed at our winners exhibition later this year. We caught up with Anna to find out what inspires her and what we can expect from her in the near future…

I am a 25 year old freelance illustrator and graphic design student based in Berlin, Germany. I love all kinds of patterns, strong colors and japanese illustrations. I started working as an illustrator around four years ago when I got my first commission for a hiphop magazine and produced my own shirts. From there on I worked for different clients in the music industry and magazines.




How do you go about starting a piece of work? Does it start as a pencil drawing? What is your process?

I often start with collecting a bunch of ideas usually written down quickly on my iPhone when I am in everyday life situations. Later on I begin scribbling in my sketchbook or on lose papers with pencil and fineliners. Afterwards I transfer my draft to my computer using a graphic tablet and colorize it. In parallel, I create patterns and color combinations trying to connect them to the drawing.




How do you want people to feel when they see your work?

First of all it’s my biggest aim that the viewer sees more than a “nice drawing“, the pure handcraft is not enough for me in this case. I think it is always important to have a message behind your artwork. This can be ironic, political or sociocritical. I also like to give usual things a different meaning or completely alienate its sense. You should use the competence you feel most into to transport your opinion and feelings to a wider audience. I hope I do with my work.




What things around you inspire you?

As a creative head I feel most inspired by strong and independent women in the history of art, media, philosophy and politics. My all time favorite is Frida Kahlo who is one of the most popular pioneers of the female art industry. Also my friends especially the ones who found their own passions and go their way, not afraid to admit failing and consistently get up after new obstacles are a big source of motivation for me. Furthermore I get my daily dose of inspiration by contemporary art exhibitions, magazines and social platforms such as Instagram and Behance.




Do you have a favourite project or piece of your own work?

I recently worked on an exhibition project called “About You&Me”. The illustrations reflect on how the mid-twenties generation deals with the fears that the global political situation ignites, and how they are yet too busy living in their private bubble to get actively involved. It also documents the conflict of many torn between relationship and singlehood, their desire for security but also the next tinder date, and their aim to use many options in the shortest possible time compared to those who wish to constantly optimize themselves.





What are you currently working on?

Currently I often think about our future society and how the near digital future will look like in general. I would like to create an illustrated publication around the topic in the coming months. Apart from that I often work short dated on artworks about latest happenings and issues like the debatable World Cup in Russia.




Tell us a bit about your winning entry to our illustration competition… Why Solange?

Solange is, in a lot of artistic layers, a huge role model. It’s not only her intuition for the right aesthetics in fashion, art direction and music, what also impresses me is her character and commitment as a feminist figure and activist. She shows us her very own understanding of beauty and power. So I tried to transport my thoughts about her in this illustration. It was also important to me giving the background setting a spirit of femininity and strength. The bees are as well a hint to the tight relationship to her equally popular sister Beyonce.




Finally, what can we expect to see from you in the near future?

I hope something with consistency, strong colors and unexpected image compositions. I never get tired!


Anna won our Issue Seventeen Illustration Competition! Keep your eyes peeled for the start of our Issue Eighteen Competition coming very soon!!