Listen: Irish Trio Adore Share Debut Single ‘Postcards’ via Blowtorch

Galway’s trailblazing garage-punk trio come to life with their debut single ‘Postcards’.

Drawing inspiration from path layers like Breeders and Undertones, Adore turn heavy riffs and fast-paced guitars into contemporary fashion with angsty-yet-innocent vocals from Lara Minchin.

Casting themselves into a femme-rage realm through confident lyrics like ‘If you saw me, you’d love me too’, ‘Postcards’ is an unconventional love or lust letter to a distant someone with the postcard metaphor showing their utmost care for this person and how they’re a treasured keepsake.

Everything in this tune is quick, the drums, guitars and even the lyrics follow the same pace, almost like an aural interpretation of your brain moving at 100 mph or spilling your thoughts out onto a page. Or postcard. The urgency furthers those themes of desperation and heart, making it a song you’d be happy to have written about yourself.

Photo by Paula Trojner

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