In Print: Issue Forty-Eight

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Issue Forty-Eight is our first of 2024 and our first chance to highlight the artists we are most excited about this year. Twelve months on from their debut interview, Mary in the Junkyard are on the cover. The trio have just released their new single ‘Ghost’ and following an introductory year which included countless live performances, sold out headline shows and a much anticipated debut single (‘Tuesday’), it seemed the perfect time to dig a little deeper to see how this newfound attention is sitting with the band. 

At the other end of the release spectrum, Leeds’ Yard Act are preparing themselves for the release of their second album, ‘Where’s My Utopia?’ in March. After establishing that nobody is paying for Zoom, we dig into the new record, New Orleans and how James is letting the band know what the album is about – interview by interview. 

February is home to the debut album from Brighton’s Lime Garden. Having travelled this journey with them extensively, in print and more, we gave them a call, post rehearsal, to discuss “judgement day”, ‘One More Thing’ and how they’re already writing album two. 

Joining Lime Garden on tour are London-via-Cambridge’s Ugly. The six-piece made a very welcome return last year and they have a new EP on the way. In our conversation with the band, we travel the transformation of their sound, touring with Black Country, New Road and the influence of spirituality. 

Within these pages we welcome two more debut albums. The first from London’s Whitelands. The band have been working with shoegaze label heroes Sonic Cathedral for some time now, and are about to tour with shoegaze legends, Slowdive. We chat to them about the record, ‘Night-bound Eyes Are Blind To The Day’ and the aforementioned tour. Staying in the capital, C Turtle are venturing towards the March release of their first album. Over a year on since our last chat, we give Cole a call (in China) to talk AI, ‘Expensive Thrills’ and Flabby Toad. 

Stoke’s Christian Music will be a new name to most. Disinterested in ‘buzz’ and open to “play the game” with industry types, the long-time friends of fellow noise makers, UNIVERSITY are set for an exciting 2024. Eager to hear more about their latest single ‘Marimba-Tragic Death Cult’, we gave them a ring. 

Keeping it loud, Manchester’s Duvet have become live favourites of ours. A string of singles and a handful of shows into their careers, the band have been impressing everywhere they go. We checked in to chat about the importance of venues like YES and the variety of influences within the band – in style and sound.

Rounding off our interview features are two bands separated by over 3000 miles. In Sheffield, City Parking have recently shared EP ‘It’s Mad Round Here’ and the follow up single, ‘Carl’ – both of which have been on regular rotation. Curious of the impact a city can make, and intrigued by the variety of influence on show, we spoke over email. In New York, where new alternative music is thriving, a new name is causing a stir in Voyeur. The band’s debut EP ‘Ugly’ is out now and we gave them a call to dig into their grunge influence and their fuzzy response to the club scene which surrounds them. 

To finish, we satisfy our obsession with London’s Ebbb, a band who are retaining as much mystery as possible at this early stage, with some words on why you should be obsessed too. ‘The Other Folk’ tells the story of the alternative folk movement that’s happening right now and who’s at the forefront. Finally we get to know the artist behind Folly Group’s debut album artwork, Elli Antoniou.

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