In Print: Issue Forty-Five

In Print: Issue Forty-Five. Order your copy here.

Issue Forty-Five introduces London’s most chaotic secret, Fat Dog. Following two years of building a feral live reputation, it’s finally time for Fat Dog to unleash some recorded music upon an already large and loyal following. We spent an hour or so with them at The Social in Soho to dissect just how their frenzied live shows have built so much hype, recording with James Ford and battling it out with the big names on tour. They’re on the cover.

Slowdive have found new energy and new life within the reemergence of the shoegaze genre. Though flattened by Grunge and Britpop in the 90’s, the band have escaped the heritage tagline upon their return, and boast a youthful energy in their audiences. We chat to Slowdive about their hunger to learn from the new crop and how music discovery has changed since those early days.

London’s Picture Parlour have been turning the heads of those with their ears to the ground for the last 12 months. Since their public arrival via debut single ‘Norwegian Wood’, the speed of their success has been unfairly questioned. We discuss that along with their decision to ditch their Masters degree’s.

Ethan P. Flynn is no stranger to our pages. Alongside the launch of his own label, Crude Oil, Ethan has announced his debut album. ‘Abandon All Hope’ is more hopeful than you’d possibly assume and we discuss that along with the influence of the classic singer-songwriters in his collection.


Heading to the south coast, Brighton’s The New Eves made their debut via London tastemakers, Slow Dance and their annual compilation. Now teaming up with leaders of the new folk movement, Broadside Hacks, the four-piece have unleashed new single ‘Original Sin’ and we gave them a call to chat about it and their self-described ‘Hag- stone rock’.

In New York, Fcukers are making house music as a three- piece and pairing it with immersive live shows. Following their debut trip to Europe where we hosted their first show in London, we gave them a call upon their return home. Staying in the US but heading to LA, Militarie Gun have recently released their new album, ‘Life Under The Gun’. We interview the band to discuss making friends on the road, forging their own identity and finding the balance between mainstream and indie rock.

Completing our music conversations are Carnations and Sailor Honeymoon. The latter are South Korea’s most exciting new band, providing a punk rock response to the mainstream pop sounds that are awash in the country. And Carnations are Sydney’s in-between scene’s brightest hopes. The band have more in common with the Egg-Punk that’s reemerging in the US but are generating a buzz within a supportive Sydney community of bands. We chat to them about British influence and rapid growth.

To wrap up the issue, we discuss how the future of alternative music is being led by an exciting crop of female artists, and the GradList returns as we partner with Arts University Bournemouth to showcase some of their most talented new graduates.

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